Secoh JDK Series 500 Twin Air Compressor

Secoh JDK Series 500 Twin Air Compressor

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Secoh JDK Series 500 Twin Air Compressor

The JDK features less energy consumption (up to 30% - depending on the application) and smaller overall dimensions (also by about 30%) in comparison to the older SLL- and EL-series. This makes the class not only more compact, but also lighter.

Long life expectancy
The motor and pump parts are combined in one single construction. The compact form and the simple mechanism guarantee a long and reliable life expectancy.

Low noise level
The soundproof casing and the integrated muffler in the tank base reduce the noise levels throughout operation.

Low vibration
Motor and pump parts are separated by a vibration-isolating rubber

Completely oil-free
The oil-free operation guarantees a dry air flow.

The SLL, EL and JDK series are rainproof and weatherproof. However, they should not be exposed to direct sunlight, rain or snow.

Universal service kits
It is highly recommended that your air compressor is serviced on an annual basis. For each model, service kits are available. 

Product characteristics

  • Compact design
  • Low energy consumption
  • Protective switch inclusive
  • LED service light (cable option)
  • Connecting hose included in delivery
  • Aluminium housing

The JDK-C Version comes complete with Loss of Pressure Alarm