KSB Ama Drainer Pumps - C Variant - 1¼"

KSB Ama Drainer Pumps - C Variant - 1¼"

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The Ama Drainer SE/NE (C Variants) pump range are 1¼" submersible effluent pumps which are suitable clear effluent containing solids of up to 10mm and aggressive water.

Fully floodable, vertical, close-coupled single-stage submersible motor pumps, IP 68, with or without level control, for a maximum immersion depth of 2m.


  • Automatic drainage of sumps, pits, yards and basements subject to a flooding risk
  • The lowering of surface water levels
  • Drainage of underground passages
  • Water removal from rivers and reservoirs
  • Can be used for seawater and water containing salt

All Ama-Drainer pumps come with an integrated non-return valve and10m of cable.


  • Solid handling of up to 10mm
  • Flow rate of 2.8 litres/second
  • Static head of up to 6m
  • 1¼ discharge
  • 0.43kW rating
  • Single phase - 230V
  • Integral non return valve
  • Can be used with or without internal float

 Ama-Drainer N Data Sheet


Data Sheet