Harlequin HydroStore Garden Harvest GH4400

Harlequin HydroStore Garden Harvest GH4400

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Why Harlequin HydroStore Garden Harvest GH4400


HydroStore “Garden Harvest” rainwater harvesting systems allow the connection of a
hose to the pump within the tank to provide recycled rainwater for irrigating
lawns/gardens, car washing and other outdoor water needs.

Moulded from durable medium density polyethylene material with a 110mm inlet, outlet and service connection. Fully secured 450mm diameter pedestrian manhole cover. Integrated filter with stainless steel mesh (size 0.7 X 1.7mm) Calmed inlet reduces turbulence to tank sediment, improving water quality. 
Pressure sensitive submersible pump (turns off if no demand), complete with integral run dry protection.

Pump can deliver up to 3.5bar pressure, with a flow rate of 2500 litres per hour. Max head of 35m (nominal) and power rating of 800W. U-bend type overflow also acts as  a rodent trap
Supplied with a 25m coil of 25mm HDPE pipe and 1" pump connections.

  • Tank 1- 2300mm X 2300mm X 1250mm
  • Tank 2- 2300mm X 1150mm X 1250mm
  • Standard Invert Level: 500mm*
  • Maximum Capacity: 4340L
  • Net Weights: Tank 1- 190kg  Tank 2-110kg
    (*Invert level may be increased by use of risers to a maximum of 2m)