Calpeda Meta Tank Booster Set

Calpeda Meta Tank Booster Set

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For water supply

For domestic use, for garden use and irrigation


  • integrated frequency converter
  • built-in pressure vessel
  • high efficiency asynchronous single-phase motor
  • motor power control
  • programmable re-start pressure
  • no hydraulic losses due to the measuring devices
  • voltage and current control
  • monitoring of maximum starting current


  • dry-run protection
  • detects the presence of air in the pump casing
  • overload control and overheating motor control
  • pump blockage
  • power supply control
  • starts per hour control
  • detects small leakages in the system

Meta Tank Booster Set Brochure

Metatank is a great new concept in domestic water supply.

Based around the Meta range of super efficient multistage, self priming pumps, the packaged 360 ltr pump and tank set raises the bar in constant pressure, variable speed pumping.

The tank is fully compliant with potable water, being fully insulated, type AG
category 3.

The sets are delivered fully assembled and tested saving on valuable
site installation time and are fully wired to a switched fused spur, so just three
onsite connections are required, water in to the 3/4” ball/float valve, water out from
the 1” isolating valve to the system and a single phase power connection to the
pre-installed spur.

We pre-program the sets to the pump characteristics but re-programming is easy and fast.

These very competitively priced sets save time, money and energy, they are
compact, completely serviceable and feature a 2 year guarantee.