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Jose Cooper

BStock: Ortofon Concorde MKll Club Best Sound Quality Traditional Vinyl Playback Single Unit

BStock: Ortofon Concorde MKll Club Best Sound Quality Traditional Vinyl Playback Single Unit

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The CLUB boasts the best specifications and best sound, making it an ideal choice for Club DJs in any environment: studio, broadcast or club. The CLUB features a Special-Elliptic stylus that allows for detailed sound quality: Special-Elliptic stylus fits better in the groove and therefore has more contact area with the groove itself, extracting more intricate details, than is possible with a spherical diamond.

The CLUB 8 mV output voltage requires less gain from the preamps, providing cleaner sound reproduction and less susceptibility to feedback in live environments.


Ortofon DJ cartridges have a high output voltage which ensures an extremely high signal-to-noise ratio and full exploitation of the dynamic range of any amplifier. Ortofon Concorde MkII cartridges have outputs between 6 and 10 mV.

Tracking Force:

Each DJ cartridge has a special rubber suspension designed to create the best possible tracking ability. In order for the cartridge to track the record groove correctly and avoid skipping, it is important to balance the tracking force. Ortofon is recommending a tracking force range and a specific tracking force for each cartridge.

Frequency Range:

A measurement of the frequencies which can be reproduced by a cartridge. Example: a measurement of 20 to 18,000 Hz means that the frequency area between 20 and 18,000 Hz can be reproduced with no more than 3 dB below a reference frequency level.

Stylus Type:

The spherical stylus is perfect for tough handling and activities. Furthermore, it reduces the record wear by scratch and back-cueing to an absolute minimum. Cartridges with spherical stylus are mainly for scratch DJs. Concorde CLUB uses Special Elliptical stylus which has a better frequency response and dynamic range than the spherical stylus.

Normal play-back use of a cartridge with an elliptical stylus causes minimum record wear. Cartridges with elliptical stylus are for users who do lighter back-cueing and scratching and want the best sound performance.

Product Specifications:

Compliance, dynamic lateral: 14 纰宮/mN

Stylus type: Special Elliptical r/R 13/25 纰宮

Tracking force range: 2 閳?4 g

Tracking force recommended: 3 g

Cartridge weight: 18.5 g

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