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Why should I have my sewage treatment plant serviced?

All manufacturers of sewage treatment plants (and pumping stations) recommended regular servicing visits to ensure your unit is kept running as it is designed to do so.

Regular servicing also ensures your new sewage treatment plant is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

These regular visits can also make sure that your system is always compliant with The Environment Agencies Regulations.

The recommended interval for the servicing of every sewage treatment plant and pump station varies on size of the unit – if you are unsure, please give us a call on 0333 335 5173 to discuss the recommendations for your sewage treatment plant.

Sewage Treatments Plants can, of course, break down, and this can not only lead to pollution, but it can also lead to expensive repair bills.

MRS Wastewater Ltd have a nationwide network of servicing and maintenance contacts who are more than happy to service and maintain your sewage treatment plant or pump station.

Our service visits can include.
Electrical & mechanical testing of any parts, including repairs and replacement where required, including -
Motors & gearboxes
Pumps & floats
Chains & belts
Pipework & valves
Compressors & Blowers
Inspection & replacement of consumables, such as –

We only work with contractors that are experienced in the wastewater industry, and who are dedicated to delivering a high-quality service, so we can guarantee you are in good hands!

Whether you need a regular service, or you need a callout to a broken sewage treatment plant (or pump station), then please give our friendly team a call or email today!

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