Should I hire a professional to install my wastewater unit?

You might just think that installing a sewage treatment plant or pumping station is basically digging a hole in the ground and sticking in the unit – NO!

Digging a hole!

Installing wastewater units is a very technical and skilled job and hiring a professional company to do the installation is very worthwhile.

MRS Wastewater

From the size of the hole to the depth of the pipework – it’s all-important information that differs on every single site.

MRS Wastewater have highly knowledgeable consultants nationwide that can attend site and offer guidance on the correct system that suits your requirements and application. This involves everything from the aesthetic effect on the surrounding area, the quality of discharge that is required, and of course the budget you have set aside for the work.

Our dedicated consultant will discuss everything with you whilst on site, so you know what to expect through the entire installation process, as well as walk you through the best location for the wastewater system, and the location of the discharge point, whether this be to a drainage field or a local watercourse.

Photographs are taken of the site, so the installation team have all the required information before they attend to carry out the work.

ECO Installations Waste Water Specialists

All our installations meet current regulations set out by both the Environment Agency and the Building Regulatory Body / Councils.

A quotation is then issued in line with their recommendations, offering you a full installation service at very competitive prices.

Wastewater Installation

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