Pump Stations - All you need to know!

What is a pump station?

Pumping stations are an underground tank, generally constructed from polyethylene which are manufactured in accordance with BSEN752-6 industry standards, as are all the pump stations purchased from MRS Wastewater.

A pumping station is used when you need to transport water or sewage from one place to another.

The general wastewater and sewage underground network rely heavily on gravity, and a pump station is used when a gravity flow is not available.

In low lying areas the main sewers are higher, and so a pump station would be required to pump up from the property to the main sewer.

Inside a pump station

How Does a Pump Station Work?

Sewage and wastewater are fed into the pump station via an inlet pipe, and the internal pump(s) then get to work pumping everything out via the outlet, down the pipework to the discharge point.

What pump station do I need?

There are several important factors to consider when buying a pump station. It is very important that the internal pumps, and the tank itself is suitable for the job as under sizing a pump station can lead to many problems which can be expensive!  

You should know the following:

  1. How many bedrooms inside the property?
  2. What is it that you need to pump (i.e., sewage or water)
  3. How far away is the discharge point?
  4. How high do you need to pump?
  5. How much liquid needs to be moved?

If you are unsure about buying your pump station, then please call MRS Wastewater on 0333 335 5137 for guidance.

Do Pump Stations Require Maintenance?

In a word – YES!

Pump stations require regular servicing and maintenance to make sure it is working as designed.  

As a pump station owner, you must be very careful what is put into the system as all pumps can get blocked, especially with items such as sanitary products. MRS Wastewater always recommend having an alarm system installed so you are always made aware if a problem arises!

MRS Wastewater have a network of specialists nationwide, so give us a call to discuss any servicing or maintenance requirements you have!

Servicing & Maintenance

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