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Direct Pumps & Tanks were established in 1996. They are a family run business with a professional, knowledgeable, and friendly team that pride themselves on great customer service. 

DP&T have established themselves as one the leading suppliers of package pump stations in the country. Direct Pumps and Tanks are fast becoming the best place for sewage systems and water management.

With over 19 years’ worth of experience in the pumping system industry they we can meet your every pumping requirement, whether you are looking for a simple domestic system or on a larger commercial scale you can depend on their expertise and industry knowledge.

All their products meet the latest specified industry standards and are subject to the strictest quality control guidelines and procedures.

The DP&T team have the highest level of in-house training to ensure they meet the latest industry standards of knowledge and service capability.

Direct Pumps and Tanks work with other wastewater companies, such as MRS Wastewater to supply only the highest quality pumping solutions.

Direct Pumps and Tanks

What is a Package Pump Station?

Pumping stations are an underground tank, generally constructed from polyethylene which are manufactured in accordance with BSEN752-6 industry standards, as are all the pump stations purchased from MRS Wastewater.

A pumping station is used when you need to transport water or sewage from one place to another.

The general wastewater and sewage underground network rely heavily on gravity, and a pump station is used when a gravity flow is not available.

In low lying areas the main sewers are higher, and so a pump station would be required to pump up from the property to the main sewer.

Pumping Station

Why Choose Direct Pumps & Tanks?

The MRS Wastewater Pump Station range is predominantly designed and built by Direct Pumps & Tanks.

Our Pump Station range comes with a choice of single or twin pumps, are designed to have 24-hour capacity, and are manufactured to BSEN752-6 industry standards. 

We are confident that you will find a pump station to suit every requirement in our store, whether it be domestic or commercial, but should you need any technical advice – please contact us! 

Do Pump Stations Require Maintenance?

In a word – YES!

Pump stations require regular servicing and maintenance to make sure it is working as designed.  

As a pump station owner, you must be very careful what is put into the system as all pumps can get blocked, especially with items such as sanitary products. MRS Wastewater always recommend having an alarm system installed so you are always made aware if a problem arises!

MRS Wastewater have a network of specialists nationwide, so give us a call to discuss any servicing or maintenance requirements you have!

Call MRS Wastewater today on 0333 335 5137 or order online

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